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BJJ Grading Dec 2015

Congratulations to all the new ranks from our recent end of year grading. It was a great pleasure for me to award two new black belts. Dave Ward is an inspiration to all on our mat, as instructor & student a like. His tireless efforts & support are so appreciated.
Kris Nubla is such a fantastic person & always brings the highest technical level & enthusiasm, an absolute pleasure to be around both on & off the mat. Both Dave & Kris are true black belts, dedicated athletes, ge...nerous with there knowledge & great human beings. Very well deserved.
Thomas Zarzecki was awarded his brown belt after a wonderful technical display & seven very inspiring rounds with all the brown belts.
Rhys Jack & Guido Scholtz both received purple belts & are definitely two of the most improved in our club.
Jason Kurusumuthu & Nidin Pillai encountered the usual grueling blue belt test, consisting of fitness test, self defence, takedowns & ground techniques before enduring a twenty five minute sparring session, finishing in the shark tank with the clubs hierarchy.
Quite a challenge with only three other white belts on the mat.
Both passed with flying colours & were awarded their long awaited blue belts. Great effort guy's.
Many stripes were also awarded on the night.
I would like to thank all my students & friends for supporting our great club through the year, my mat is your mat.
Special thanks to Dave Ward, Luke Farnsworth, Rob Sabaruddin & Kirk Sicard for their constant support & friendship, you guy's are amazing.
Can't wait to be back on the mat with all my mates in 2016


BJJ Grading Dec 2014
An awesome grading last night with many milestones set. It was a great privelidge to award Luke Farnsworth with his BJJ black belt, a first for the hills district to produce a locally trained black belt. Luke received his blue belt about 15... years ago from my coach Anthony Lange & recommenced JIu-Jitsu when I opened in Castle Hill 8 years ago. Since then he has been a regular on our mat & continues to grow as a true martial artist.
We also produced our first female blue belt in the amazing Kristen Nolan. Few females have stayed on the mat, but Kristen has stood the test of time, giving & taking her fair share of pain on the mat & has prevailed as a much respected grappler in our club.
Jake Farnsworth performed flawlessly on the night & is the first kid to be awarded junior black belt in our MMA syllabus. Just rewards after a good decade of dedicated training.
Other notable grades were longtime students & dear friends, Dave Ward & Garry Jack both receiving their brown belts, the two oldest (young fellas on our mat) much respect to them.
Kirk Sicard & Leigh McWhirter were both awarded purple belts after one of the most technical displays I've ever seen. Champion people both on & off the mat.
Dr Dave & Alex Chui were also awarded blue belts after the usual grueling blue belt test, well done guy's you both thoroughly deserve you new belts. See More







Half Yearly Grading 01/07/2014
Well done to all that participated in the BJJ grading last night with over 35 stripes & 8 new belts handed out between kids & adults.
Young Braydon Strong received his yellow belt while James Wynn, Connor & Cameron Gaul were all promoted to orange belts after some very impressive wrestling.
The high standard of colour belts at our club has been boosted with the promotion of Josh Allsopp & Eugene Kwek to blue belt. Both are fine athletes & great human beings & are raising the bar on the new generation of Jiu-Jitsu.
Also a major highlight for me was the promotion of longtime students & friends Thomas Zarzecki & Lorando Thompson to purple belt. Both are extraordinary people that bring so much knowledge to our mat. Well done guy's, purple is a great achievement & requires a lot of dedication, you should be proud.
Also a special mention to the awesome Garry Jack who kept all entertained with a great knife defence routine.


Adults BJJ Grading 24/06/2013

Congratulations to all that participated in our half yearly BJJ grading at Castle Hill last night. Many white and colour belts deservedly received stripes, edging that bit closer to that next hard earned belt and some very high level Jiu-Jitsu was displayed.

The highlight of the night was without a doubt the grading of three exception new blue belts, Kirk Sicard, Rhys Jack & Daniel Mitchell. Traditionally blue belt is your initiation into BJJ and renowned as one of the hardest gradings of all the martial arts and this one was a cracker. After some seventeen years in this great art I can honestly say that this was possibly the best blue belt grading I've ever seen.
The examination was long and pushed all physically and mentally to the limits of exhaustion, starting with a fitness test, ground work, takedowns, self defence, some BJJ theory and finishing with a grueling thirty minutes of wrestling against all the clubs hierarchy. At the end all three wearing battle scars and a smile proudly wrapped themselves with their new belts that they have fought so hard for both on our mat and as representative of our club in many grappling competitions.
A special mention must go out to young Daniel Mitchell on such a fine performance, at the tender age of sixteen taking on and matching all the adults on the mat.

Great job guy's, now it all begins!
Coach Simon


Carlos Machado Seminar 17th May 2013


End of Year Grading

Congrats to all that participated in the end of year grading on the 17th December. In all 24 new grades were handed out. A special mention must go out to Paul & Joey receiving brown belts in MMA after demonstrating very high level technique & some very professional sparring.

Also to Michael Brown on receiving his blue belt in BJJ, Michael has been training with us for approx 5-6 years from the young age of 10 & both himself & his father have put in a huge commitment to be crowned (possibly equal with Ara) our youngest ever senior blue belt. Also worthy of note is the fact that Michael has always trained with & had to go through an extremely rigorous grading with all the adults, great effort on his behalf.


A big thank you to Mark Smith for hosting our club Christmas party this year & to Agasi as usual for his skill on the BBQ, also to Ona (Abdul's mate), with a little help from me for providing the on grass entertainment, check out the photo below & see if you can work out what happened, only at a Jiu-Jitsu party! I would also like to thank Rob, Ara & Luke for their ongoing expertise on the mat through out the year & all of you that make the effort to turn up to training, I know it's not always easy but that's what makes the difference. I believe our mat is a great place due to the great people that turn up & I look forward to seeing everyone for a great 2013.






Kids Grading Friday 2nd November 2012

Well done to all sixteen kids that took part in last nights grading. The night ran very smoothly & a great time was had by all. Your new ranks have been updated on the website.

Simon Receives 1st degree on Black Belt from Rigan Machado

Another highlight of the weekend was being awarded 1st degree black belt by Rigan Machado and my coach Anthony Lange being awarded 3rd degree black belt.

Competition Results
For full results from the recent events comp. visit www.eventsbjj.com.au
Everyone of our fine athletes managed to win or place, a special mention must go out to Lorando Thompson, who is taking to the tournament scene like a duck to water at the moment, submitting seven of his nine opponents at Events on his way to winning both gi & no gi divisions.

Today was the ISKA CCP Australian Open, once again all our athletes competed in fantastic style displaying some great Jiu-Jitsu & I received many compliments even from refferees in regards to our technical ability. Lleyton Smith, Jake Farnsworth & Lorando Thompson all won their division in dominant fashion. Ara, Frank, Thomas &
Kirk also put in strong performances & should all be very proud of themselves.

Also worthy of mention are my friends Andris & Adam Eglesz from Langes MMA both winning their divisions.


National Results

We took eight athletes and must of had the best strike rate in the comp, six golds and two silvers. A truely stunning performance. Rob, Ara, Daniel, Zakky, Bobbey and Ibrahim all getting gold, Andrew and Jake silver.



Jake: Silver Ibrahim : Gold
Zakki : Gold Bobby : Gold
Daniel : Gold
Another great Seminar by Rigan Machado



JJ Machado Seminar

New Blue Belt

Monday night I had the great pleasure of awarding Leigh McWhirter with his BJJ blue belt. Leigh has grown into an exceptionally good grappler in a relatively short time & is a perfect example of a true martial artist, respectful, humble etc & yet can put you to sleep in a matter of seconds. Great work Leigh, I look forward to seeing you continue to grow on our mat.

Jean Jacques Machado

Ten keen students from our club will be attending a 5 hour seminar with the legendary BJJ
master JJ Machado tomorrow. Jean Jacques hasn't been to Sydney for a long time, from memory I think it was 1999/2000, of which I was in attendance. It's going to be a great day, bring on tomorrow, I cant wait.

Rob Fights Pro in the States

As most of you know by now, Robert Sabaruddin had his first pro fight in the States last weekend. From what I'm told, Rob put in a fantastic performance taking the fight to his very experienced (12 amateur & 16 pro fights) opponent from the opening round with a series of devastating striking combinations. Even though the fight didn't go Rob's way with a Refs stoppage at 3:28 in the third round, he certainly put his name out there with his usual take no prisoners style of fighting. It's a huge step up from his last fight in OZ nearly a year ago to the pro ranks in America & as usual all your mates at BJJ Castle Hill are very proud of you Rob. When you Rob like I do after all those years being pounded by him in training, you just know he's going to hit the mats even harder & come out of the experience & even better fighter.

On the local scene, we had a bunch of our kids & adult white belts compete at the Gracie
state title this weekend. Unfortunately due to race commitments I could not be there to coach. I understand that all in attendance put in a great showing & there's going to be plenty of hard training in the coming months to right any of the wrongs that competition
inevitably surfaces. Of special note are Zakky Azimi taking 1st place & Tyson Sangalang taking 2nd place.


Competion Results

A great day of competion was had by our club at todays ISKA tournament. With eight athletes across all divisions, gi, no gi & mma. The technical level of our athletes was simply amazing & the results speak for themselves.

Results are as follows: Jake Brown 1st
Daniel Mitchell 1st
Michael Brown 1st
Peter Shua 1st gi, 1st no gi
Frank Gehret 1st gi, 2nd no gi
Lorando Thompson 2nd gi, 2nd no gi
Dave Ward 3rd no gi
Joey Agostino win via kneebar MMA, loss points 2nd match

Some of the highlights of the day were Michael's dominance, Dave's last second victory for 3rd place, Lorando's flying armbar, Daniel's armbar from guard, Frank's triangle & Pete's technical brilliance, his superb Jiu-Jitsu is an absolute pleasure to watch.

Joey had an awesome MMA match. Scoring an early takedown, he went to work on the ground in dominant fashion finishing the match with a perfectly executed kneebar from guard.
In great spirit Joey stepped up for a second match against a highly skilled fresh opponent. Although clearly fatigued he put up a great fight, narrowly missing two submission attempts & just went down on points.

All competitors competed with great skill & sportsmanship & did our club proud.


Rob & Ara Compete @ Worlds

2012 Worlds
Well done to Ara & Rob for competing at the recent 2012 BJJ world championships in LA. Both guy's did themselves & their coaches proud at the highest level in their respective purple belt divisions, going down on points to some very technical opponents. Keep up the good work guy's, all your mates at castle hill are barracking for you.


10th Plant with Eddie Bravo

Ara & Rob lapping it up

Ara & Rob are loving there time in America. Both are training hard & gearing up for there first MMA fights next weekend. I'm very proud of there progress & wish them all the best for the fights.

Check out this photo, taken after a hard session with grappling legend Eddie Bravo.
You can see the pleasure & pain in there faces. Keep up the good work guy's.

Kids Grading Results 07-05-2012
We have now completed our two day grading examination with nineteen kids receiving new ranks. All that participated put in a great effort with some very nice technique &
as usual with our kids some very high level grappling was on display.
Keep up the good work kids & wear your new belts with pride.

I also had the pleasure of awarding Peter Shua with his BJJ blue belt. Pete is an
exceptionally talented competitor with an unrivaled thirst for knowledge. Well done Pete,
now the journey begins.



ISJA Competion Results

A great day of competion was had by our club at todays ISKA tournament. With eight athletes across all divisions, gi, no gi & mma. The technical level of our athletes was simply amazing & the results speak for themselves.

Results are as follows: Jake Brown 1st
Daniel Mitchell 1st
Michael Brown 1st
Peter Shua 1st gi, 1st no gi
Frank Gehret 1st gi, 2nd no gi
Lorando Thompson 2nd gi, 2nd no gi
Dave Ward 3rd no gi
Joey Agostino win via kneebar MMA, loss points 2nd match

Some of the highlights of the day were Michael's dominance, Dave's last second victory for 3rd place, Lorando's flying armbar, Daniel's armbar from guard, Frank's triangle & Pete's technical brilliance, his superb Jiu-Jitsu is an absolute pleasure to watch.

Joey had an awesome MMA match. Scoring an early takedown, he went to work on the ground in dominant fashion finishing the match with a perfectly executed kneebar from guard.
In great spirit Joey stepped up for a second match against a highly skilled fresh opponent. Although clearly fatigued he put up a great fight, narrowly missing two submission attempts & just went down on points.

All competitors competed with great skill & sportsmanship & did our club proud.



John has reduced his busy schedule this year, but I have luckily managed to book him for two seminars at our club in 2012.
So please make an effort & lock in your place as it's not othen a master grappler is dropped at your door step.

Date: Saturday April 21st

Time: 12-2pm

Adress: Horticulture Pavilion
Doran Drive Castle Hill

Cost: $60

Contact: Simon 0409 911 945 simonfarns@optusnet.com.au


ISJA Results
Well done to all that competed in the ISJA comp on the weekend.
The kids division was a mixed bag with very uneven match ups. Results are
Zakky Azimi 1st, Ebrahim Azimi 2nd, Jake Farnsworth & Bobey Azimi unplaced.

All the adults showed plenty of skill with some great results. Peter Shu 1st gi, 2nd no gi & 1st no gi Absolute. Leigh Mcwhirter 1st gi, Thomas Zarzecki 3rd open blue belt gi.

Joey Agostino entered the amatuer MMA last minute with no training & put in a good
performance against a heavier opponent. Just going down by 2 points.

A great effort coming off the club being closed for the previous two weeks.



I was delighted to promote Dave to Black Belt in MMA Monday 19th December. Dave is one of the clubs 40 something & proud of it members. But let me tell you , has the go of someone half his age. He has an extensive knowledge of both striking & grappling arts & more importantly has the rare understanding of how to blend it altogether.
I could go on & on about what Dave has to offer on the mat, but more important are his attributes in life. A great family man & an exceptional human being. Well done Dave you are a cherished friend & integral part of our club.

Well done to all that participated in the recent end of year grading. On the night several white & blue belts received stripes on their belts after displaying some exceptional technique & showing that the club has some highly skilled future colour belts.

After an awesome display of Jiu-Jitsu technique & an almost brutal 25 minutes of sparring two new proud Blue Belts emerged. Joey Agostino stamped his name as one of the clubs top up & coming grapplers with an absolutely perfect grading.
Abdul Aboss capped off an awesome year of competion & takes out the clubs most improved this year. Well done guy's, now the journey begins.

Andre Powell & Dave Ward, without a dout two of the clubs most dedicated & motivated members topped off the night with a superb demonstration of Jiu-Jitsu & some very high level wrestling against the clubs hierarchy. I was very proud to promote both Andre & Dave to Purple Belt in BJJ.

Also a big congrats to Paul Roditis & Joey Agostino on their new MMA grades.
Special thanks to Agassi for expertise on the bbq & everyone in attendance for making
such a great night





End of Year Dates
BJJ grading: Monday 19/12/11 6:15pm

MMA grading: Wednesday 21/12/11 6:30pm

Kids grading: Friday 16/12/11 5:00pm

Club will be closed from Saturday 24/12/11 to 03/01/12 & re-opening Wednesday 04/01/12


Rob & Ara Training in the US

Last week we said goodbye to our good friends & training partners Robert Sabaruddin & Ara Aroutiounian as they set off for nine months full time training & competing in the USA.
Rob, 22 & Ara, 18 have been training with me for four years & in that time I've seen them transition not only into elite level atheletes but maybe even more importantly into mature well balanced human beings.
It's been a pleasure having them on our mat & I wish them all the best on their training endeavours abroad & can't wait to see them upon return.
Keep an eye on the website as we track their progress via Rob's blog


Abdul takes SILVER

Well done to Abdul Aboss taking 2nd place at the IBJJF International in Melbourne last weekend. Abdul has continued to set the standard in the white belt heavyweight division
this year with some outstanding 1st & 2nd places. Clearly Abdul is ready to make the step
to the next level. Keep an eye out on the next grading.

Ara Turns PURPLE

Last night I was privileged to award Ara Aroutiounian with his BJJ purple belt. Ara has had a stand out twelve months, starting with winning the teens blue belt division at last years nationals. Backed up with some excellent performances in the adults divisions as a 17 year old.
Since then a short training trip to the States & an 18th birthday, Ara has come on in leaps & bounds, winning this years Nationals in the adult blue belt division & more recently totally dominating the gi & no gi divisions at the ISJA world cup with an extraordinary display of technical grappling.
I've had the pleasure of teaching Ara for the past four years since he walked into the gym as a shy yet eager 14 year old & have watched him turn into not only a high level competitor but also a humble & respectable young man. I'm proud to have helped guide him on his grappling journey & cherish his & his Dads (Agasi's) friendship.
Wear your new belt with pride Ara you thoroughly deserve it.

ISJA World Cup Champions

The ISJA, aka ISKA, is done & dusted for another three years & our club featured prominently in the winners circle.
Saturday was the kids comp. & first to be crowned ISJA world cup champion was Zakky Azimi with a very dominant points win in his division. Zakky has been training really hard this year & thoroughly deserves his success.
Llyten Smith had a hard fought match against the eventual winner of his division going down in a close match by only one advantage.
Jake Farnsworth was next to take the title of ISJA world cup champion with an assertive
thirty eight second submission to wrap up the title. It was great to see Jake finally get a match against someone close to his weight, (only 2kgs heavier).
Bobby Azimi was unable to compete in BJJ due to age restrictions so decided to have a go at Sumo but finished unplaced.

Sunday was the adults comp. & Peter Shua wasted no time taking the title demonstrating all the techniques we have been working in class lately & submitting both his opponents with relative ease.
Shuan Galardi & Thomas Zarzecki both took second place after two action packed matches. Both narrowly losing on points to some very experienced blue belts.
Without a doubt the standout competitor of the day was Ara Aroutiounian taking out the Gi & no Gi championships. Submitting four opponents & winning one on points on his way to winning both divisions


Zakky Makes the Papers



Nine competitors, nine medals

What a fantastic weekend we had, an awesome result from our club. Nine competitors, 5 golds, 3 silvers, 1 bronze.
In the kids divisions all our competitors had to fight up weight divisions due to lack of numbers. Although I understand this sometimes has to happen, at their age it can be quite a disadvantage. But it didn't stop our young athletes achieving some great results. Bobby Azimi in his usual form submitted his way through his opponents & took the gold medal, Zakky Azimi put on a dominating performance & showed that he is now a force to be reckoned with on the competition scene & won a much deserved gold medal. Jake Farnsworth got the fastest submission in the kids divisions, rear naked choke in 13 seconds, but had his back against the wall in the final against an opponent almost 2 years older & 15kg heavier, he hung in there for the duration of the match to receive a silver medal. Antonio Maujalli, new to our club. took bronze in teens division.

In the adults divisions, Allen Robida, also new to our club, put in 5 hard weeks competition training with us & achieved a silver medal. Ara Aroutiounian step up to the Adults this year after winning the teens title last year & backed it up with fine display of grappling to clinch the gold medal. Andre Powell inspired the whole arena, down on points, choking out his opponent from underneath to advance into the final & take a silver medal. Andre also received a standing ovation when John Will awarded him with the encouragement award at the presentation, a prouder moment I can't imagine. Robert Sabaruddin in only his second purple belt comp. showed the sort of composure that makes him such a great athlete as he executed his game plan with precision on his way to winning the gold medal. Andrew Fu dealt out a lesson to his opponents on the technical side of Jiu-Jitsu that as a referee I have rarely seen performed in competition on his way to taking the gold medal in the purple belt masters.

The following day Rigan held an awesome seminar & it was great to be on the mat with 67 other grappling addicts. It was also fantastic to spend some time with my great friends Anthony, Nicky & Rohan Lange, Peter King & of coarse my wonderful wife who tirelessly puts up with & mostly organisers my many obsessions.

Many thanks to John & Melissa Will, Rigan Machado & all that make this such a wonderful event.


Kids Grading 10/06/2011

Congrats to Max, Connor, Thomas, Matthew & Kai on achieving their new colour belts in the Kids class on Friday night. All of you performed very well & displayed some great spirited wrestling


John Will is coming for his first round of 2011 seminars. As usual he will be presenting the latest cutting edge techniques in a format unmatched anywhere in the world. If you are serious about improving your game
then this is a must do seminar.
Contact Simon for bookings 0409 911 945 or simon@kingsdeneautomotive.com

Date: 16/04/2011
Time: 12-2pm
Location: Horticulture Pavilion
Doran Drive
Castle Hill

Cost: $60




UCA'S first MMA BLACK BELTS crowned

At the end of year grading I had the pleasure of crowning our first MMA black belts. After a grading that went for several weeks and included taking classes, sparring, street wise self defence and demonstrating a sound knowledge of all the elements of MMA ranging from striking, clinch fighting, wrestling, ground work and more importantly how to blend it all together. I was elated to award Luke Farnsworth and Robert Sabaruddin with their Black Belts.

Luke, forever the fitness fanatic, has been training in various styles since the early eighties and brings a vast array of knowledge and experience to our mat. A top competitor in his day, Luke has won and placed in many Jiu-Jitsu competitions and fought in sports Ju-Jitsu. Luke can be found on our mat regularly as both student and instructor and after many years of training still shows great enthusiasm and has a never ending thirst for self improvement.

Rob, the young gun, is a fierce competitor and always a force to be reckoned with. His natural athleticism and extreme work rate are simply amazing. Over the last few years he has stacked up a very impressive resume, including, amateur and pro MMA fights, state and national Pankration titles, national BJJ gi and no gi titles and winning nearly all his BJJ matches in the last two years via submission. A stunning performance from a highly skilled athlete, Rob is truly inspirational.


This short clip shows New MMA Instructor & Blackbelt Rob Sabaruddin

Well done guys, we might not wear our MMA belts on the mat but rest assured you are both extremely worthy recipients of the great honour that is the Black Belt.


New Blue Belts

Well done to all that participated in the end of year grading. It was a great night with twenty five new grades being awarded including two special MMA grades, more on that next post.
Grading nights are always a great occasion as it brings many of the club members together and the lead up always gives extra focus and direction to your training.
As always the spotlight was on the people contesting the blue belt grading. Guido Schultz and Chris Fletcher were on the mat for the duration and performed the 38 techniques required for blue belt with great composure and continued with a grueling 25 minutes of wrestling with various ranks ranging from white to black belt.
Guido, a highly decorated Judo black belt, showed fantastic grappling skills churning out round after round of extremely technical Jiu-Jitsu. Showing that he is truly worthy of his rank and is now a very cherished member of our club.
Chris, also a very highly decorated martial artist, displayed what the blue belt grading is all about, a technical level good enough to competently look after yourself against any assailant and to be able to hold his own against anyone on the mat. Maybe more importantly he displayed a never give up attitude, spirit and determination.
Well done guy's you are both both very important members of BJJ family.
Also a special mention to Aggasi for his expertise on the BBQ and to everyone that has consistently showed up this year. I'm so proud of the fantastic culture on our mat, you make BJJ Castle Hill what it is.

Have a great holiday season and I look forward to seeing everyone early in the new year.


John Will Seminar
John is coming to our club for the last time this year & will be conducting an extremely exciting & high level BJJ seminar.
I highly recommend all our club members attend as this will add an extra dimension to the back game we have concentrating
Taking bookings now.

Date: Saturday 13/11/2010

Time: 1-3pm

Place: Horticulture Pavilion
Doran Drive
Castle Hill 2154

Cost: $60

Contact: Simon
0409 911 945

Richard Norton BJJ / MMA Seminar 16 October 2010

Renowned martial arts master Richard Norton is presenting a 2 part seminar at George Adams school this Saturday.
Don't miss your chance to train with this world renowed movie star, 4th dan BJJ, 5th dan Karate & self defence expert.
I will be there, in a limited role, fresh out of knee surgery.


Jake Makes the Hills News Again!!

Rigan Machado Black Belt Seminar

Team Castle Hill Brings Home the Medals

With the Machado nationals been & gone for another year, it's time to reflect on the awesome performances of our athletes.
365 competitors made there way to the Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre for what is by far the biggest & best BJJ comp in Australia. With six mats running the day went very smoothly & full credit must go to John Will & his wife Melissa for such good organisation.
Jake Farnsworth was on a mission this year to avenge his lose in 2009 & re-capture his title. He did it in fine style, quickly submitting all three opponents with kimuras to take 1st place in the (open belt) 27-30.5kg division.

Next up was Ara Aroutiounian, dominating & submitting his first opponent with a nicely executed kimura from side control. Ara won his next match convincingly on points & then fought a very close & intelligent final match to take 1st place in the (open belt) 16-17years 79-84kg division.

Robert Sabaruddin faced some very talented opposition & once again his quality shone through. Submitting his first opponent from north-south with a reverse guillotine & his second opponent with a rear naked choke to take 1st place in the blue belt 57.5-64kg division.

Not meaning to put any pressure on Andrew Fu but there was a common theme starting to develop amongst our athletes.
Andrew put on a great performance winning his first two matches via points with some wonderful strategic Jiu-Jitsu. The final was always going to be tough going up against a seemingly fresh opponent that had only had one match while Andrew had all three
matches in under half an hour. Still no excuses, thats the luck of the draw. Andrew fought a tough match & went down on points to take 2nd place in the blue belt 82-88kg division.

Overall an absolutely awesome result by all 4 competitors, 11 matches, 10 wins, 6 submissions, 3 golds, 1 silver.
Well done guys for representing our club so well & displaying such good technical JIu-Jitsu. We must be doing something right, you simply don't get those sought of results by chance.

John Will BJJ/MMA Seminar Images

John Will BJJ/MMA Seminar
John Will is coming to our club and presenting a special two part BJJ and MMA seminar. As usual we will be treated to the very best BJJ instruction from one of the worlds best.
The first hour will be BJJ then the gi's will come off and the remaining hour will be John's unique blend of striking and grappling.
Anyone looking to get an edge on the competition or just wanting to take your personal game to the next level, this seminar is a must.
Participants are welcome to do either BJJ or MMA as 1 part or both parts of the seminar.

Taking bookings NOW

When: Saturday August 28
Time: BJJ 1-2pm MMA 2-3pm
Place: Horticulture Pavilion
Doran Drive
Castle Hill

Cost: 1 part $40, 2 parts $60
Contact: Simon 0409 911 945

Rob in Tuffa 6

After a year out of the MMA scene Robert Sabaruddin stepped up for his second pro MMA match at Tuffa 6 on Saturday night. Although suffering from a little fight rust, Rob went straight in for the kill scoring several takedowns in a very exciting first round, in which both fighter showed good Jiu-Jitsu skills & had opportunities to finish the fight.
Round 2 started in much the same fashion, Rob shooting in for a well executed takedown. Positioning his opponent against the cage & carrying out some grueling ground & pound that nearly finished the fight. In a good show of strength & heart his opponent was able to reverse the position & sink in a rear naked choke that ended the fight.
Although a disappointing result, this was a great peformance from Rob & certainly has his name buzzing amongst promoters & spectators alike.
Not to be forgotten that Rob was fighting up a weight class from his natural weight let alone his cutting weight & fighting a guy coming down a weight class that didn't even make weight.
Well done Rob, you are a true warrior. We are all very proud of you.



For the past two years Andre Powell has dedicated his life to the practice of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, arguable the most devastating and confrontational martial art the modern world has ever seen.
With only six percent vision in his right eye and a heart that well and truly makes up for any lack of vision, Andre walked into our gym one night mid 2008 with friend and training partner Daniel Chon. He stood calmly and quietly explaining his condition and asked if I could train him, I knew instantly that he was a warm and genuine person and immediately took a
liking to him.

The first piece of advice I offered Andre was that grappling is very much based on feel and tightness and suggested that he grab his opponent and never let go. Well let me tell you, he certainly took that advice.
After eighteen months training five days per week Andre took to the mat December 21/2009 in hope of achieving something very rare for someone with his disability. After a fantastic display of technical Jiu-Jitsu he was put through an exhausting practical test, wrestling fresh opponents every two minutes for 12 rounds at which the end of he was awarded a very deserved
Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Andre also has competition experience and is currently completing his level 3 martial arts sports coaching accreditation.
He is a very different person these days, a highly motivated and skilled BJJ practioner that is more than capable of putting you to sleep on the mat.
When thinking of Andre more than a few words come to mind, genuine, polite, kind, inspirational e.t.c. It's a pleasure to have such a human being in
our club.




Adults BJJ Grading 26-Apr-2010

Last night we hosted our first BJJ grading of the year. The technical standard of our club is now at an exception level & many coloured & white belts received stripes on their belts.
Peter Sardelich received the highest grade of the night displaying great technique as he went through combinations from omoplata, butterfly guard, x guard & the mount. Well done Pete, you simply don't get this far in BJJ without massive commitment & sacrifice. I'm very proud to have you as BJJ Castle Hill's first brown belt.
Kris Nubla, by far one of the most technical BJJ practitioners on our mat received his purple belt after an exceptional demonstration & very hard fought round against all the other colour belts. Kris is a wonderful person & martial artist & it's a pleasure to have him on our mat.
Shaun Galardi & Frank Gehret both received blue belts after displaying a level of technique way ahead of their rank, both guys were put through a grueling 25 minutes of wrestling with the last 6 rounds against colour belts. The blue belt grading really is the essence of the BJJ character, requiring technique, spirit, heart, commitment, determination etc. & Shaun & Frank came through with flying colours. Well done guy's, I'm proud to call you both students & friends.

Pankration Results
Well done to Carlo Junker, winning his division at the state Pankration titles.
Also to Jason Ferreira going down on points to the eventual winner of his division.

Carlo & Jason went in to this with little more than one week preparation. Great work guys,
imagine what you could do next time when we actually prepare.

John Will Seminar 27-03-2010

ISKA Tournament Results 14-03-2010
Jake Farnsworth & Kai Don flew the flag at the ISKA comp on the weekend. Jake put on a great display of Jiu-Jitsu dominating his first 2 matches to make it into the final. After an extremely even match Jake went down by 2 points taking 2nd place.

Well done to Kai, jumping in for his first comp. going down on points after a very hard match.

Ara won his 2 freestyle wrestling matches & is concentrating very hard on his wrestling skills at the moment.


John Will is returning to our club for the first seminar this year. The way John delivers his knowledge & motivates are unsurpassed in the martial arts industry & have earned him the reputation as one of the leading martial arts instructors in the world. It's not othen that someone of John's stature is presented on your very door step. Contact me ASAP & book your spot as numbers are limited. (m) 0409 911 945

Date: Saturday 27/03/2010

Time: 1:00 - 3:00pm

Grading Dates
Upcoming Gradings are as follows:

Adults BJJ: Monday 26/04/10

Kids: Friday 30/04/10

ISKA Tournament Results
Jake Farnsworth & Kai Don flew the flag at the ISKA comp on the weekend. Jake put on a great display of Jiu-Jitsu dominating his first 2 matches to make it into the final. After an extremely even match Jake went down by 2 points taking 2nd place.

Well done to Kai, jumping in for his first comp. going down on points after a very hard match.

Ara won his 2 freestyle wrestling matches & is concentrating very hard on his wrestling skills at the moment.


Club closed for Christmas break 24/12/09 to 03/01/2010

BJJ End of Year Grading 28/12/2009
Congrats to everyone that attended & participated in the end of year BJJ grading. The highlight of the night was Dave Ward, Rad Funiok & Andre Powell all receiving blue belts. The technique displayed was an extremely high standard & all the new blue belts were exhausted after nearly 25 minutes of action packed sparring. Well done guy's, it's an honour to have each of you as a cherished member of our club.
Well done to all the white belts that graded, also displaying very good technique. You are all the future of BJJ, all you need is a good attitude & commitment & before you know it you will be rolling round wearing colour belts & helping evolve our great art.
Special thanks to Scott Martel for maning the BBQ.
Next year is looking like being a great year with nearly all our hardcore regulars now wearing colour belts. Finally I'm starting to put the poor health behind me that has plagued me through out 2009 & am looking forward to taking the club to new heights in 2010.

Best & safe wishes to all for the festive season, I can't wait to see you all on the mat again next year.


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