Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Mixed Martial Arts are regarded as the most effective fighting systems & forms of self-defence for the modern world. They can be enjoyed by all age groups & skill levels. No previous experience required.

BJJ/MMA offers you:

Realistic, effective Self Defence: Statistics show that nearly all street fights end up in a clinch & ultimately on the ground. You will learn how to quickly & instinctively deal with these situations. BJJ / MMA really is the ultimate self-defence system.

Fitness, Conditioning, Weight Control: BJJ / MMA offers a full-body workout most people have never experienced before. Watch your strength & endurance levels go through the roof as you transform your body, lose weight & turn fat into muscle.

Competition: For those wishing to compete, our club is full of high class competitors who can push you to the top level.

Fun, Camaraderie: For those of you wishing to experience the ultimate martial art without the competition, we pride ourselves on providing an ego free, enjoyable environment to train in with helpful, skilled practitioners.