A fun and exciting program formulated especially for 5 to 13 year olds.

Freestyle Martial Arts with an emphasis on grappling, your child will learn realistic self-defence skills and fun games designed to enhance co-ordination and awareness.

Your child will not only reap the benefits of martial arts training, they will also learn essential skills that can be carried into everyday life. Scientific studies show that children involved in regular sporting activities are more likely to succeed in life.

Some of the benefits they will receive are:     

  • Increased concentration
  • Anti-Bullying skills
  • Stranger danger awareness
  • Fitness
  • Weight control
  • Self defence
  • Self Esteem & Respect
  • Strength & flexibility

Advanced and Mature children also allowed in Mondays BJJ class, by Instructors invitation only. See timetable for details.

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