Unleash Your Potential

Here at Universal, we believe that all people are individuals and should be treated as such. After learning the basics and building a strong understanding of the arts, we encourage students to experiment with their techniques and develop their own individual styles.

Unlike most traditional martial arts that have been teaching the masses of people to stand, punch, kick etc. exactly the same way for thousands of years, we are a modern-day Martial Arts academy that teaches cutting-edge training methods. You will still learn all the same qualities that a traditional Martial Arts academy has to offer - Self-Defence, Confidence, Respect, Fitness, Flexibility, Strength - but we combine the latest training methods to accelerate the learning process.

You will be amazed at how quickly your potential will be unleashed and you will be on your way to a new level of skill, confidence and fitness that will change your life forever.

Our mindset is never on winning - your opponents capabilities are out of your control. 

Only your own capabilities are within your own control, so we always focus on achieving your personal best. 

Our motto is, "Don't worry about being better than everyone else, instead just try to be better
than yourself”.